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PosteTema: PLi®-Helenite-DM7000   Fre Apr 27, 2007 11:10 pm


Now that Dream Multimedia has finally shipped the first DM600PVR's, it is time to release the next PLi® image.
We called it 'Helenite'.

We think it is important to have a PLi® image available for the DM600PVR as soon as possible.
Therefore, we have decided to make a Release Candidate public.
As it is a Release Candidate, it might not be 100% completely bug-free.

Please report any issues or bugs, so we can fix it before the final release of Helenite.

The Original PLi® Helenite suite includes the following components:

Enigma 26-03-2007
Latest Dreamfiles and Dreamdrivers
Tuxtxt v1.99
Web Interface: 5.9.7-Expert - PLi edition

The Original PLi® Helenite suite contains the following images:


Use the download url below to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

PLi® Helenite images

Below you can find some highlights for whats New, Fixed & Features

- Complete new Enigma menu with complete new menus.
- Integrated PLi image setup into the new Enigma menu
- Fixed HDD/CF detection on dm7020
- Get skin now/next from EPGcache (till EIT arrives)
- Enable kernel nfs server for dm7000/7020
- Improved movieplayer performance and stability
- 7020 and 600: Added possibility to reboot in **STOP** mode, from 'shutdown/restart' menu
- Mount manger is now a dynamic list and stays active all time
- Webinterface only shows defined mounts and has an ADD button again
- Many OSD updates
- Many network mounts updates
(e.g. Improved network mount process during boot)
(Mount.conf has been changed, therefore it is not always compatible to previous versions)
- Add EPG category coloring
- Update timezone info to 2007c
- First look in /var/etc/for a timezone.xml file
- MPG/MP3 playback: fixed most crashes and hickups
- Use enigma epg database locations
- Motorsetup was not always possible
- Mounting after formatting was not always correct
- Mountmgr in OSD was not always showing correct info
- EPG storage location
- CF card detection in multiboot
- Cifs v1.45
- Recordings.epl can now be shared by multiple boxes
- Parental lock has been changed
- Now obey the setting 'Timer stop offset' also when pressing record button second time to schedule duration or stoptime on current recording
- Optimize radiotimes (db_epg) script
- Added ftpput/ftpget
- Dm7020: Support swapfile on mounted device (mount first, then swapon)
- NA (E)EPG: some minor fixes
- Optimalisations for the Webstream2DB plugin
- Updated Dutch translations

Known issues:
- German and Frisian languages are not up to date

Many low level changes fixes and other updates...

More detailed Helenite info, FAQ's, HowTo's and TechNotes can be found on the PLi® Website:

download PLi®-Helenite-DM7000
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